AWC Sponsorships for the Grace Hopper Celebration

The application deadline for the AWC Sponsorship has passed.

Decisions will be announced soon via email!

Questions can be sent to


1. Submit this form with your basic info

2. Complete both essays below

  • Each essay length should be around 300 words or less
  • Both essays should be in one document; you may submit either a Word or PDF document
  • The document should be saved under the title “YourFirstName_YourLastName_AWC”.doc or .pdf

3. Submit by the deadline (Wed, Apr 26th at 6pm) to

Essay 1:

Tell us about your experience in AWC and how it has impacted you.

Essay 2:

Why do you want to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration? How might you use your experience at Grace Hopper to benefit the members of AWC and contribute to our club’s mission?