Mentoring and Tutoring


We pair upperclassmen with underclassman to create stronger bonds within the group. There are several events scheduled to bring the pairings together.


The tutoring is offered by AWC for underclassman in their entry classes hopefully keep them in the major.

AWC Tutoring Days/Time

Tutoring is back! AWC offers tutoring for women, by women. Drop by the Westgate Atrium at any of the below times to get help from an AWC member!


  • Ashley Gallagher: 4-5:30 pm (CMPC 131, CMPSC 132, CMPSC 221, CMPEN 270)


  • Yuxuan Xia: 9:30 am-11 am (CMPSC 131, CMPSC 132, CMPSC 221, CMPSC 360)


  • Madeline Rodriguez: 12-1 pm (CMPSC 131)
  • Saahithi Mallarapu: 1-3 pm (CMPSC 131, 132)
  • Devyani Patra: 1-2:30 pm (CMPEN 270)


  • Saahithi Mallarapu: 12:30-2:30 pm (CMPSC 131, 132)
  • Devyani Patra: 1-2:30 pm (CMPEN 270)


  • Luhan Yang: 1-2 pm (CMPSC 131)

If you would like to be a tutor this semester, please email Jenny Ngo, our Director of Technology, at