Grace Hopper Celebration

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Next year’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing will be Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2020, in Orlando, Florida!


General Info on Attending GHC & Applying for Scholarships

As a club, AWC offers sponsorships to around 12 members per year. We select members to attend GHC based on level of involvement and commitment in the club, including but not limited to: holding leadership positions, signing up to help tutor, attendance at meetings, involvement in committees, and other factors. We provide a stipend to these 12 members, to cover the costs of conference registration, travel, and hotels.

The number of members that AWC can financially sponsor to attend GHC is limited by our club funds. For this reason, we encourage all members to also seek alternative ways to attend GHC, like independent scholarships through other organizations. This way, we can maximize the number of our members who are able to attend GHC, even though AWC is only able to fund a certain number.

Many companies and organizations offer separate, independent scholarships and sponsorships to attend the Grace Hopper Conference. You can apply to these scholarships as you like, on your own in your free time.

We want all our members to apply for as many independent scholarships as possible.

Most of these scholarships are available to any student who is studying full time at a university, and there are scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Many are also targeted towards underrepresented minority groups, towards CS/CE/other STEM majors, and other specialized groups.

We will be posting a master list of scholarships and their deadlines here on our website for you to access. Feel free to do “research” (Google searches) on your own to find other independent scholarships as well!

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AWC Sponsorships

Stay tuned to our newsletters to find out more about applying for AWC sponsorships to GHC!


Scholarships from other Companies & Organizations

Check back for more as they are announced!